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Events: Porsche’s Lost Weekend In SoCal

One of the many display areas at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. Image Credit: Madeline Stahler (2019)

Events: Porsche’s Lost Weekend In SoCal
By: Tom Stahler

The 356 Club of Southern California put on its 11th Annual All Porsche Swap and Car Display at the Phoenix Club of Anaheim on March 3. As part of one of SoCal’s biggest Porsche weekend, which included Saturday’s Literature Meet, and more than a dozen Porsche-related businesses open houses, the event attracted enthusiasts and industry people from around the world.

Rennsport VI Royalty Display On The Laguna Seca Corkscrew

Rennsport VI Royalty Display On The Laguna Seca Corkscrew
[ht: Ted Seven via Facebook]

Celebrate 70 Years Of Porsche History With “The Porsche Effect” At Petersen Automotive Museum

1939 Type 64 - 1939 Porsche Type 64 60K10 - The Porsche Type 64 60K10 is the progenitor of all Porsches and the foundation of the Porsche aesthetic. It was built to compete in the 1939 Berlin-Rome endurance race, which was canceled due to the outbreak of war. A mere three identical cars were built, each of which used a Volkswagen platform and a streamlined aluminum body designed by Erwin Komenda and crafted by Reutter. This car was reconstructed of major components from the second Type 64, which had been dismantled after World War II. Collection of Automuseum Prototype, Hamburg - Engine: 1.1-Liter Flat-4 - Horsepower: 40  - Top Speed: 90 MphImage Credit: Edmund Jenks (2018)


Celebrate 70 Years Of Porsche History With "The Porsche Effect" At Petersen Automotive Museum

Opening Saturday, February 3rd, 2018, “The Porsche Effect” in the Mullin Grand Salon will feature the German brand’s most historically significant street and racecars along with artifacts and historical documents, accompanied by an all-new Porsche Vault Tour showcasing some of the marque’s rarest vehicles.

Porsche Museum at Ennstal Classic With Eleven Rare Sportscars

Mark Webber in a 718 RS 60 surrounded by Fans in Steyr Image Credit Porsche AG Media

  • Mark Webber and Neel Jani in historic Porsche racing cars in Austria

Stuttgart . The Porsche Museum gave a touch of prestige to the starting field at the Ennstal Classic in Austria with some prize sportscars. The line-up included some distinctive milestones in the company’s history, from a 356 Coupé with V-shaped windscreen and the 356 Speedster, right up to the 356 B GS Carrera GTL Abarth, 550 Spyder and 718 RS 60 Spyder racing cars.

Discounted Entry to the Mercedes Benz Museum for Porsche Museum Ticket Holders

Christian Boucke, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic and Customer Centre (right) and Achim Stejskal, Head of the Porsche Museum and Historic PR present the new ticket Image Credit: Porsce Media


Joint offer valid from today on

Stuttgart . As an automotive city of distinction, Stuttgart is also home to two of the most spectacular car museums. Given that a visit to both museums is a highly attractive proposition, the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Porsche Museum are launching a new offer: until 30 December, visitors presenting an entrance ticket to one of the museums will get 25 percent off the regular ticket price of €8 (making €6) or on the concessionary price of €4 (making €3). The offer is being launched to coincide with the start of the summer holidays in Baden-Württemberg.